NOTICE: Unfortunately, due to the restrictions imposed because of Corona virus, we have postponed the symposium/workshop. All the participants will be notified once the dates are finalized.

    We invite you all to attend the "First National SPARC symposium and training course on Transcriptional Dynamics in Developmental Biology" which is sponsored by SPARC and organized by School of Computational & Integrative Sciences, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, Delhi-110067, India. This symposium/training course involves sessions divided into lectures and hands-on (literature survey and report writing) by the international faculty and  a few expert researchers from India on the following topics:

    • Human embryonic development/organogenesis
    • Patterning and morphogenesis/ molecular control
    • Enhancer/ transcriptional control in development
    • Non-coding variations and disease

    Confirmed Speakers are :-

    *No accommodation
    *Prior registration required (There is no registration fee but the registration may be closed earlier if the number of participants exceeds 50) Please register at:

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    A number of bacterial and viral genomes have been sequenced and their genetic diversity documented. Different microbial strains show different virulence and phenotypic profiles, but a functional association is poorly understood. We are developing novel Bioinformatics strategies to decode how small genetic changes in microbes lead to big phenotypic variations.

    A genome-wide analysis of conformational dynamics of transcription factor targets has been completed. This study highlights how chromatin specificity of transcription factors is related to the intrinsic dynamics of DNA sequences. The same has been submitted for publication.

    We are developing a machine learning method to identify novel DNA-binding proteins, by integrating gene expression profiles and sequence-based annotations. We show that global gene expression patterns may significantly alter biological function of proteins with week binding site level signals

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